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Entertainment Dancer $19.50/hr.


Six Flags Magic Mountain


Valencia , California





(Multiple Interviews and Audition Required)

Pay Rate: $19.50/hr.

Qualifications: Must be at least 18 years of age. 

Job Description: This is a short term position for a specific special event and period. Duties will include performing free style and choreographed dance. Must be physically fit and have dance experience and have a passion for dance and presence on stage. Must work well with others and be able to work in crowds, heat and cold for two-hour intervals during rehearsals and 45-minute performance nights. Must also have high energy, enthusiasm and be able to interact/dance with guests, maintain clean dressing rooms, and transport costumes to/from the performance location and wardrobe.

Activities Include:

  • Performing free style and choreographed dance.

  • Performing scripted show, following blocking, and choreographed fighting scenes as needed. 

The ideal candidate must possess:

  • The ability to confidently perform in front of a live audience.

  • The skills to improvise interactions with guests and other characters preferred.

  • Color Guard / Flag performance experience. 

Physical Requirements:

  • Constantly standing, talking, climbing walking, reaching, using finger movement, grasping, feeling, speaking clearly, hearing conversation, using hearing acuity, seeing near far, stooping, bending, kneeling.

  • Working in extreme heat, sun, cold, wetness, humidity and temperature change.

  • Must be able to carry and wear 5 to 20 pounds of costume weight

  • All lifts over 51 lbs. require help from a coworker or mechanical device.

  • Overtime of adults may be required from time to time to accommodate the business need.